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Brownsville, Texas, Selected as Site of SpaceX Launch Facility

Mike Hernandez III

Micheal “Mike” Hernandez III is a respected Dallas entrepreneur who has achieved nationwide success in the auto industry as head of D & M Leasing. Mike Hernandez III is now semi-retired and has shifted much of his time and effort to supporting charities and guiding the nonprofit group OP10.33.

With a focus on Brownsville and surrounding areas, OP10.33 has a core mission of improving life for people in what should be an economically vibrant border and sea hub. One success story in the South Texas region was the March 2018 announcement that SpaceX will develop a new launch site in the Brownsville area.
The Boca Chica site is expected to reach operational status in late 2018, with this facility most likely being used for suborbital testing rather than fully orbital launches. The long term strategy seems to be one of creating an orbital launch complex that is wholly private and able to accommodate the in-house developed Falcon rocket family. This in turn could lead to a site set up for Starlink launches that would work toward the well-funded completion of interplanetary goals.

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