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Cameron County Education Initiative Focuses on Workforce Development

Mike Hernandez III

Now partially retired from D & M Leasing, the Dallas-area business he built, Brownsville native Micheal (Mike) Albert Hernandez III devotes much of his time to supporting nonprofits focused on improving the quality of life for Texans living in poverty. One such community initiative Mike Hernandez III supports is the Cameron County Education Initiative (CCEI).

A community workforce development agency, CCEI is focused on improving economic conditions by educating and training people to perform needed jobs in the community. One of CCEI’s core programs is its Construction Technology initiative.
Aimed at preparing participants to fill construction technician jobs, the Construction Technology Diploma course provides training in core construction skills, such as performing basic electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work as well as operating heavy equipment and reading blueprints. CCEI’s educational program can act as a stepping stone for participants who are interested in ultimately advancing their careers through attaining a contractor certification or an associate’s degree in construction management.

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