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CCEI Offers Medical Billing and Coding Program

Mike Hernandez III

Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III has over 30 years of professional experience in the automotive, finance, insurance, and real estate industries. Mike Hernandez III is the chief executive officer of D & M Leasing, a consumer car leasing company with offices in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, and Houston. Born and raised in Brownsville, Mr. Hernandez supports various philanthropic organizations including the Cameron County Education Initiative (CCEI).

CCEI is a nonprofit organization that provides debt-free education, training, and career preparation programs to deserving residents of Cameron County. Guided by its mission to prepare students for employment, CCEI offers the Medical Billing and Coding program to students in Cameron County.
Getting a Medical Billing and Coding Diploma from CCEI is a strategic stepping stone for anyone who wants to pursue an associate’s degree in medical insurance billing or advance their careers to become a health information manager. The knowledge and training provided by CCEI’s Medical Billing and Coding Program are significant, due to the rising need for qualified medical support staff that can analyze and manage electronic health records. The future responsibilities of someone who trained in this field include patient scheduling, collecting patient medical information, processing billing and insurance claims, and coding medical records.

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