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Citizen-Led PAC in Texas Seeks to Revitalize Cameron County

Mike Hernandez III

The CEO of D & M Leasing in Dallas, Brownsville native Micheal Albert (Mike) Hernandez III has spent decades building a successful business. In addition to leading one of the largest consumer car leasing agencies in the nation, Mike Hernandez III founded the political action committee OP 10.33, which focuses on lifting Cameron County residents out of poverty.

OP 10.33 has taken on several awareness-building projects, including the implementation of billboards featuring messages like “We want jobs ... now!” and “We want change ... now!” The organization aims to revitalize low-income communities by 2033, which will mark 20 years after Brownsville was named the poorest city in the United States by the Houston Chronicle.

Specific goals of the OP 10.33 PAC include supporting Cameron County’s young people as they enter the workforce, exposing government corruption, providing needed human services, and creating more jobs through attracting new businesses. Members of the board of directors include Joe Gutierrez, who directs community organization; Carlos Strength, who directs education initiatives; and Carlos Marin, director of job development.

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