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How OP 10.33 Is Enriching Cameron County

Mike Hernandez III

Entrepreneur Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III is the CEO of D&M Leasing and its parent company, Hernco, Inc., in Dallas. A native of Brownsville, Texas, Mike Hernandez III has leveraged considerable resources to enrich his hometown and the wider Cameron County area via initiatives such as OP 10.33.

A nonprofit political action committee, OP 10.33 is dedicated to enriching the lives of residents of Cameron County while strengthening the local economy. Established in response to a 2003 Houston Chronicle article that dubbed Brownsville the “poorest city in America,” OP 10.33 seeks to disrupt cycles of poverty by providing opportunities for education and professional growth.

The initiative’s name symbolizes its mission to transform Cameron County into a land of opportunity by October of 2033. OP 10.33 leverages its resources to support political candidates who have demonstrated an active commitment to community development and assisted initiatives designed to spur business growth.
To ensure that the next generation of Cameron County residents is equipped to contribute to a thriving workforce, OP 10.33 seeks to establish coordinated degree plans at regional high schools and colleges while supporting nonprofit trade schools for technical and vocational skills. OP 10.33 also seeks to improve the social services available to Cameron County residents.

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