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OP 10.33 - Helping Cameron County, Texas, Become a Land of Opportunity

Mike Hernandez III

Micheal Albert Hernandez III is the CEO of D&M Leasing, a leading auto leasing company in Dallas. In 2011, Mike Hernandez III scaled back his involvement with his company to focus on charitable pursuits. Mike Hernandez III established the OP 10.33 PAC in the Brownsville, Texas, area to help revitalize his hometown community.

In 2013, the Houston Chronicle named Brownsville, Texas, the “poorest city in America.” At the time, 36 percent of area residents were living below the federal poverty level, and 37 percent lacked a high school diploma. To improve conditions in Brownsville and the greater Cameron County area, a project called OP 10.33 was launched.

The goal of OP 10.33 is to make the Cameron County area a land of opportunity by 2033. The project focuses heavily on education, creating programs to help every student earn a high school diploma or better. Coordinated efforts have facilitated scholarships for area students, training programs for adults, and social campaigns to foster positive changes in Brownsville.


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