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OP 10.33 Partners with Local Social Service Providers

Mike Hernandez III

Since 1984, Michael Albert Hernandez III has served as chief executive officer of D&M Leasing, a firm based in Dallas. When not engaged with work, Mike Hernandez III strives to give back to the people of Brownsville, Texas, where he was raised. One of the organizations that he supports in this effort is OP 10.33.

Since its inception, OP 10.33 has worked to forge strategic relationships with social service providers to increase the availability of services in Brownsville. For example, the organization recently forged a partnership with the Mission Metroplex ministry to help them expand operations to the town.

In addition, OP 10.33 is working closely with the Anglican Church in North America to bring new programs to Brownsville. The church plans to open an education training center that will be connected to a local congregation, with staff who will live on-site to serve families most effectively. The church also plans to start home-based ministries to form strong relationships with the community and diagnose residents’ needs.

The Anglican Church in North America also plans to launch a legal aid center staffed by individuals trained in immigration law. These individuals will work closely with local attorneys to offer quality legal assistance at an affordable rate.


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