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The Anglican Church in North America Three-Point Plan for South Texas

A veteran Dallas-based entrepreneur, Michael “Mike” Albert Hernandez III leads D&M Leasing as the company’s CEO. Beyond his work, Mike Hernandez has pledged to donate $10 million to programs that support the people of his home city of Brownsville, Texas, in addition to offering his support to OP 10.33, which aims to transform Cameron County into a land of opportunity.

In July 2016, OP 10.33 announced its collaboration with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), with the aim of bringing the church’s services to Brownsville. This collaboration will enable the ACNA to implement its three-point plan for South Texas, which includes the following:

1. Education Training Center - In partnership with a local educational center, the ACNA mission staff will take residence in on-site apartments, allowing them to liaise directly with students and families in Brownsville.
2. Downtown Legal Aid Ministry Center - Working alongside local attorneys, the ACNA’s staff will provide low-cost legal resources, particularly relating to immigration, in addition to serving as an outreach ministry for college students.
3. Southmost Neighborhood - ACNA staff will take residence in various neighborhoods and establish congregations in their homes, through which the staff will provide community-based ministry and services.

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