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The GDLCDF’s Work with Hispanic Communities in Dallas

Mike Hernandez III

A resident of Brownsville, Texas, Michael “Mike” Albert Hernandez is the chief executive officer of Dallas, Texas-based D & M Leasing. Away from his work, Mike Hernandez III supports a range of programs designed to improve the lives of the underserved, both in Brownsville and throughout the state of Texas. Among the organizations he backs is the Greater Dallas Legal & Community Development Foundation (GDLCDF).

The GDLCDF operates a number of programs centered on its aim of ensuring the underserved receive access to legal aid. In addition, the foundation promotes programs in education, civic engagement, and cultural activities. Of these cultural programs, two focus specifically on Dallas’ Hispanic community.
The first of these is the GDLCDF’s annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. Held between September 15th and October 15th, the celebration is becoming increasingly popular in Cameron County due to the GDLCDF’s commitment to helping others understand more about the heritage, history, and efforts of the United States’ Hispanic communities.
Additionally, GDLCDF operates the La Quinceanera Program/The Q-Ball program, which provides leadership training to teenage girls. Participants focus on answering three key questions during the program’s three-month cycle, with each graduate’s efforts feted during a cultural evening celebration every July.

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